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Location of GPS relative to surrounding natural gas and transmission resources​

Guernsey Power Station broke ground in the third quarter of 2019 and is eager to contribute to the vitality of the surrounding community.

Job Creation. Construction of the plant will last approximately 30 months and will create more than 500 construction jobs at its busiest times. Once online, GPS will provide an estimated 25 permanent, highly skilled, full time positions.

Tax Revenue. Over its lifetime, GPS estimates it will contribute substantial dollars in tax revenue to the local community and the Rolling Hills Local School District.

Corporate Citizenship. GPS is committed to being a supportive corporate citizen and good neighbor to the community. GPS anticipates partnering with local businesses to meet specific facility needs such as natural gas supply; readily available construction, maintenance and safety equipment; and ongoing plant operations and maintenance. The annual plant maintenance budget is anticipated to be approximately $20 million, with about half that money being spent locally.