Economic Benefit

Guernsey Power Station broke ground in the third quarter of 2019 and reached commercial operations in April of 2023.

Job Creation. During construction the project provided an average of 300 jobs.  This number increased to 1,000 jobs at times of peak construction activity. Now that the plant is in commercial operation, there are 29 permanent jobs supporting the facility. Additionally, during planned outages for scheduled maintenance, hundreds of contractor employees will mobilize to complete the required work.

Tax Revenue. Over its lifetime, GPS will contribute substantial dollars in tax revenue to the local communities and school district.

Corporate Citizenship.  Guernsey Power Station is committed to being a supportive corporate citizen and good neighbor to the community.  Guernsey Power Station anticipates partnering with local businesses to meet specific facility needs such as natural gas supply; readily available maintenance and safety equipment; and ongoing plant operations and maintenance. The annual plant operations and maintenance budget is anticipated to be approximately $20 million, with about half that money being spent locally.


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