Guernsey Power Station – 3rd Unit Excessive Noise Event

An unintended and unplanned excessive noise event occurred on the 3rd unit on October 9, 2023, as a result of mechanical equipment issue which resulted in an automatic function of a relief valve opening and releasing steam.  The unintended and unplanned relief valve opening is required to protect the equipment. 

Neighbors in our community may have heard an excessive noise event at approximately 4:00pm on October 9th which lasted approximately 1 minute.  The mechanical issue was immediately repaired and the 3rd unit was restarted at 5:00pm the same day and therefore, elevated noise during the restart may have been heard because a restart requires the unit to be operated on bypass (elevated noise) until the unit is fully back on-line. 

We appreciate the patience and support of our neighbors and community and will continue to post related information on our website:

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