Guernsey Power Station Noise

December 15, 2022

To Whom It May Concern,

Guernsey Power Station has recently received some complaints associated with elevated sound levels from construction, specifically commissioning and testing, of the facility. The project takes great strides to be a good neighbor and community member and is working to limit these additional levels of noise -which are limited to this phase of construction and are anticipated to be finished by year’s end.

GPS has actively implemented several mitigation measures to minimize additional sound levels during construction, including the erection of a temporary sound barrier wall on the east side of the facility.

As required by the Ohio Power Siting Board, GPS carefully documents each noise inquiry and complaint. In addition, GPS takes various actions associated with the noise complaint, including communicating or meeting with the resident and taking additional noise readings at each of the associated properties.

In its approved application to the OPSB, GPS laid out the following:

  • Construction sound levels are predicted to be up to 65 A-weighted decibels (dBA) at five monitoring locations in the vicinity of the facility;
  • Periodically, sound levels may be higher than the predicted 65 dBA;
  • Some limited activities will be required to occur continuously until completion;
  • The last four to six months of construction will include commissioning and startup, which will include periodic steam blows; and
  • Before conducting specific loud activities, such as steam blows, the project would communicate with community.

GPS mailed letters to surrounding residents on or about September 9, 2022 regarding the starting of steam blows on or about September 12th and posted the same information, with corresponding updates, on its website, Additionally, information has also been sent out to various community partners and provided to media outlets.

Once construction of the facility is complete including commissioning and startup activities, the facility will be in normal operation and sound from the facility will be substantially less than during the construction period. During normal operation, GPS will be required to meet stringent noise levels set by the OPSB which will be confirmed by an independent third party.

GPS continues to take steps to minimize impacts from sound related to commissioning and startup activities. We will continue to update our website with information related to the facility. We appreciate the patience of our community and the support we have received during this project.

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