Guernsey Power Station Statement on Potential for Increased Sound Levels Overnight for Next 72 Hours

A few remaining commissioning activities, prior to normal operation of the facility, may produce elevated sound levels.  Final commissioning activities of two of three units are being performed during the day but some of these activities require continuous operation and therefore, may temporarily produce increased sound levels overnight starting the evening of February 19, 2023, and is expected to be complete within the next 72 hours.   Guernsey Power Station (GPS) has taken steps to mitigate the potential of these temporary increase of sound levels overnight by (1) erecting temporary sound walls around the potentially noise emitting equipment which directly reduces noise levels and (2) installing temporary insulation on the equipment which also directly reduces noise levels.  Both of these noise mitigating measures are typical and therefore, are reasonably expected to reduce noise levels associated with these temporary and final commissioning activities.  GPS will also take noise readings before and during operation of the equipment to ensure the temporary noise mitigations measures are effective in keeping noise levels to acceptable levels and if not, will install additional noise mitigation measures or limit overnight commissioning activities to the extent possible.   

We appreciate the patience and support of our neighbors and community and will continue to post related information on our website:

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