Guernsey Power Station Statement on Completing Steam Blows on 3rd Unit

Guernsey Power Station (GPS) is pleased to announce another major milestone of completing steam blows on the third of three units at the facility and the beginning of normal operation moving forward. As has been communicated previously to the community, steam blows from testing over the last few months have produced significantly higher sound levels than the remaining commissioning activities and normal operation.

With the completion of steam blows on all units, sound testing will be occurring throughout the month of February to ensure that all three units are operating consistent with the stringent sound requirements set by the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) for the facility.

From time to time, an excessive noise event may occur as stipulated under existing permits.  These events generally last up to one minute and are the result of an automatic function of relief valves opening and releasing steam.  Although unintended, this is required to protect the equipment. GPS will inform the OPSB the same day when such an event occurs.

On behalf of the over 1,000 individuals associated with construction of the facility from development to operation, we want to thank our neighbors and community for their continued support and patience.  We will continue to post related information on our website:

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